Camping Holiday


                                           Mission Statement  

Tell us what you want from your holiday, and we will tell you if we can provide the holiday you want

 What We Do

 We provide the base to start  your holiday  whether its a  sport and adventure, hiking, exploring the many historical sites, bird watching or just relaxing we will help to prepare  the holiday you want. 

We want to be the Best

The Enchanted lands  team is preparing the camp site with the advice and help from environmentalists, local government and the tourism board and implement their recommendations.  We have strived to achieve the highest safety standards and rules expected.

We have talked  to holiday makers and asked what they want from a camping holiday, we believe we have achieve it.       

The showers and toilets are purpose built units with hot and cold water. The cooking area provide a clean and safe place to prepare and enjoy food in the open air.

The site is open from 1st of April 2017. Booking is available through this web site.

Our Team


Paul and Jennifer look after the site and guests to make sure you have every thing to enjoy your holiday here in the Enchanted Land camping site.                                  

Sam provides the knowledge and background to ensure that the site is maintained to the latest European standards and requirements.

 Kay who came up with the idea for the site,  looks after the administrating  bookings and day today affairs to ensure that you always get good value and service from us.


The following rate are for the spring 2017 

  1. Pitch Site.
  2. Tent
  3. Mats
  4. beds
  5. Bedding
  6. Gas hob
  7. Cooking utensils
  8. Table wear
  9. Cool box

Bell tent

 For your camping experience here at the enchanted camp site we have chosen the bell tent  to hire with its simple design and spacious interior it makes for great accommodation.

The cost to hire a well equipped tent  and the use of the site  facilities for  spring 2017 is

The cost per night           є40 per night

Extra  inner room                               є5  per night each 

The cost for 3 nights or more

                                                 є30 per night

Extra inner room                               є2 per night each 

The tents accommodate up to 6 people  

Extras Gas  

In 2013 Sam introduced Kay and Myself to camping in the UK being cold and wet it should have put us off camping for good, it did not. We had a fantastic time and in 2015 we found the location for our camping site here in Cyprus with its reliable climate, warm sea and beautiful scenery it provides the perfect setting for your holiday.

The cost for a 25 sq meter pitch per night 

For 3 nights or more
 є5 per night